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DENIS CIMAF DAF 150D – Bobcat T650
See the DAF-150D in action on this Bobcat T650.
DENIS CIMAF DAF-150D – New Holland C238
This landowner invested in the DAF-150 to maintain his property and trails. The DAF-150 is the smallest of our high-flow mulchers and is ideal for land, farm or ranch owners.
When a tree on a citrus plantation gets sick or less productive, it is thrown between the rows of trees to get mulched. This way, all the nutrients contained in the tree go back into the soil. The DAF-180D is small and agile enough to navigate easily through the rows of a plantation, making it the optimal tool to work in these types of applications.
Ideal for intensive brush cutting applications, including land clearing, development, maintenance of transmission line and pipeline right-of-ways, and roadside maintenance. DAF brushcutters use DENIS CIMAF’s patented horizontal-shaft rotor technology with fixed knives and bolt-on cutting blades.
DENIS CIMAF DAF-180D – John Deere 333G
The John Deere 333G Skid Steer becomes a powerful mulching machine with the DENIS CIMAF DAF-180D mulching head.
DENIS CIMAF DAF-180E - CMI Twister II C175
The CMI Twister II C175 dedicated mulching unit outfitted with a DAF-180E. Notice the hydraulic push bar in action.
DENIS CIMAF DAF-225E - Supertrak SK-170
This DAF-225E is a step up from the classic DAF-180D for small business in land reclamation and management. With that kind of power, you can complete Municipal or state work in record times.
DENIS CIMAF DAF-225Ex - Barko 930B
Barko 930B with DENIS CIMAF DAF-225Ex mulching head, running with full carbides instead of knives.
DENIS CIMAF DAF-250Ex - Tigercat M726D
This DAF-250Ex is a monster that stops at nothing except your command. Stricks Forestry Mulching & Land Clearing uses this machine on all types of mulching jobs where the ground can support the carrier.