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Rayco Manufacturing

Rayco was founded in 1978 in Wooster, Ohio, by John M. Bowling, who as the owner of a tree care service identified the unique needs of the tree and landscape industry and began to build equipment to meet and surpass those needs. Today the company is dedicated to the design and production of an incredibly innovative line of environmental equipment with a range of options to suit any-sized job and budget. The current range of Rayco products includes: stump cutters, crawler trucks, forestry mulchers, and an aerial trimmer.

Rayco Manufacturing was acquired by Morbark, LLC in November 2017.

Articulated Wheel Loaders
1800AWL Articulated Wheel Loader

With its standard telescoping boom, articulated design and mini skid steer attachment plate, the Rayco 1800AWL provides the power and versatility you need for any job.

Forestry Mulchers
T415 Forestry Mulcher & Hydra-Stumper

Rayco’s powerful new T415 forestry machine allows customers to change between a Predator forestry mower/mulcher head and a Hydra-Stumper stump cutter attachment for the ultimate in high production versatility.

Forestry Mulchers
C275 Forestry Mulcher

The C275 is a mid-sized forestry mulcher that delivers 275 hp (205 kW) in a compact, low ground pressure package. This mulching machine is suited for clearing small trees, underbrush, and a variety of unwanted vegetation across a wide range of environments.

RG165T-R Stump Cutter

Targeted for customers who need to remove large stumps in a short time, the RG165T-R is able to maneuver in tight areas with retractable tracks, allowing the ability to pass through a 36” (92 cm) gate and widen out for stability.

RG80-R Stump Cutter

With a powerful 85-hp (63.4 kW) Ford engine and a hydrostatic cutter wheel drive, the Rayco RG80-R offers the ultimate in backyard stump cutting performance.

RG74T-R Stump Cutter

The Rayco RG74T-R is a high-production stump cutter with a large displacement diesel engine to deliver more cutting power than most 100-hp (74.57 kW) stump cutters!

RG55 Stump Cutter

The RG55 puts together all the features customers want and fits them into a compact gasoline stump cutter.

RG55T-R Stump Cutter

The RG55T-R features a gasoline Kubota engine, non-marking rubber tracks and a hydraulic backfill blade.

RG37T Trac Jr Stump Cutter

The RG37T provides an excellent solution if you need a compact stump cutter with the traction to get where tires just won’t take you.

RG37 Super Jr Stump Cutter

The RG37 adds the power of a 37-hp gas engine to the original self-propelled, backyard stump cutter that professionals have relied on since 1986.

Forestry Mulchers
C120R Forestry Mulcher

Looking for a mulcher that is capable of crossing roadways and sensitive turf but still has the power and in-woods characteristics of a dedicated forestry machine? Look no further than the Rayco’s C120R Forestry Mulcher!

Forestry Mulchers
C200R Forestry Mulcher

For the ultimate in compact, powerful mulchers, look no further than Rayco’s C200R.

RG27 Super Jr Stump Cutter

The Super Jr stump cutter is the original self-propelled, backyard stump cutter that professionals have relied on since 1986.

Mini Work-Force
RG25HD Stump Cutter

The largest model in the Mini Work-Force line up, the RG25HD has been a staple in the rental equipment market and with professional contractors looking for a compact stump cutter.

Mini Work-Force
Mini Work-Force - RG13 Series II Stump Cutter

Our Mini Work-Force line provides a commercial-grade solution for your stump cutting needs while keeping compact size and affordability at the top of the list.

Stump Cutter Trailers
TR100L Trailer

The Rayco TR100 trailer is specifically designed to haul the Rayco RG165T-R self-propelled stump cutter.

Stump Cutter Trailers
TRG Trailer

The Rayco TRG trailer is specifically designed to haul the self-propelled Super Jr, Trac Jr, RG55 and RG80 stump cutters.

Rayco Parts
Super Tooth

Maximize the cutting performance of your stump cutter with the Rayco Super Tooth®!

Rayco Parts
Monster Tooth

For our larger Hydra-Stumper we offer the Patented Monster Tooth®, a large-scale version of our Super Tooth.

Rayco Parts
Rayco Stump Cutter Filter Kits

Filter kits make it easy to ensure your stump cutter continues to operate at peak performance by keeping up with routine maintenance.