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Denis Cimaf Mulching Attachments

DENIS CIMAF specializes in the development of high-performance brushcutter-mulcher attachments for excavators, skid steers, forestry tractors, graders and other types of heavy equipment. The company's brushcutters and mulchers are recognized for their productivity and efficiency. DENIS CIMAF manufactures three main lines of attachments: the DAH series, industrial mulcher attachments for excavators; the DAF series, attachments for skid steers and other dedicated carriers; and the DER series, industrial brushcutters-mowers for roadside maintenance.

Denis Cimaf Mulching Attachments
DAF Front-Mounted Mulchers

The DAF front-mounted forestry brushcutting-mulching system is designed for vegetation control work.

Denis Cimaf Mulching Attachments
DAH Boom-Mounted Mulchers

The DAH boom-mounted forestry brushcutting-mulching industrial system can be installed on most excavators or other carriers with articulated masts.

Denis Cimaf Mulching Attachments
DER Roadside Maintenance Unit

Convert an idle grader to the ultimate roadside maintenance unitwith the DER-120B!

Denis Cimaf Mulching Attachments
EWF Hydraulic Power Units

EWF hydraulic power units increase the power available for your industrial accessory attachments via an independent hydraulic circuit.