Equipment that is Made for More in the Forestry, Biomass, Recycling,
ROW Maintenance, Sawmill, and Tree Care markets.
Morbark Brand
Your Local
Capacity (diameter range)
4" - 24"
Capacity (length)
8' - 70'
75 hp or 100 hp electric (diesel available)
Production rate
30 FPM (peeling)
8' - 70' lengths
Patented Morbark system floating cutterhead
Other Features
  • Hourglass rollcase type infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • 8' to 20' (2.4 m - 6.1 m) infeed and outfeed sections complete with steel support legs and kicker assemblies
  • Outfeed conveyor has (1) set of hydraulic two-way kickers
  • Self-contained hydraulic system complete with operator’s controls
  • Hydraulic table lock assembly, vairable speed drive and infeed shoe
  • Adjustable infeed post
  • Legs are 34" (86.4 cm) to the top of infeed rolls
  • Motor base (frame size must be a minimum of 75 hp/55.9 kW) and V-belt drive
  • 3-pump hydraulic system. All machine functions are completely hydraulically controlled with a variable speed on the feed wheels
  • Available Models: C-8, C-12, C-16, C-24, C-40, C-50, C-60, and C-70
  • Peeler package including hard rubber tire on the outer drive wheel and split peeler type cutterhead
  • Hydraulic adjustable infeed post to accommodate crooked material
  • Heavy-duty debarker drive with 10,000 Series Char-Lynn Motor (heavy duty drive increases log turning power and is recommended for the Model C-24 and C-70 Debarkers)
  • Elevated operator’s console, complete with access ladder, seat, valve bank and hose hook-up
  • All-weather operator’s cab. Cab is 54" wide x 58" x long x 6'8" tall (137.2 cm x 147.3 cm x 2 m) and includes two side sliding windows for cross ventilation
  • Side-mounted combination air conditioner/ heater unit for cab enclosure
  • Blower and auger for bark removal