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640 Debarker

The Morbark 640 Debarker is a multi-purpose debarker that can be utilized in chip plants and sawmills and will accept soft woods or hardwoods. The 640 has the speed to debark small logs and the power to debark large logs. With adjustable front and back yoke assemblies, the operator can properly center either large- or small-diameter sawlogs on the center of the cutterhead. The hydraulic system has been engineered with proper reliefs to reduce or eliminate shock load to all working parts of the machine helping to keep downtime and maintenance costs to a minimum. The trough-type infeed and outfeed conveyors are variable in length up to 80' (24.38 m), and the all-steel infeed conveyor is fabricated from 0.6" (1.6 cm) formed plate steel with 0.4" (0.95 cm) gussets and is equipped with Morbark’s exclusive all-steel welded track-type chain.

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640 Debarker
Length (with infeed and outfeed sections)53'1", 16.2 m
Width (debarker section)11'6", 3.5 m
Height (debarker section)8'10", 2.69 m
Weight (debarker section)14,000 lb, 6350 kg
Infeed weight (standard)8,000 lb, 3629 kg
Outfeed weight (standard)7,000 lb, 3175 kg
Capacity (diameter range)6" - 40" diameter, 15.2 cm - 101.6 cm
Production rateup to 100 lineal feet/minute, up to 30.48 m/min
EngineElectric or diesel
Horsepower (electric)50 hp, 75 hp, or 100 hp, 37.3 kW, 55.9 kW, or 74.6 kW
Horsepower (diesel)185 hp, 138 kW
Auxiliary power50 hp, 37.3kW
Infeed conveyor25' (7.6 m) trough-type with WD-110 chain and hydraulic drive; heavy-duty log stops
Outfeed conveyor25' (7.6 m) trough-type with WD-110 chain and hydraulic drive and one set of manually operated 3-arm kickers
Other Features
  • Front yoke set at 10°
  • Hydraulic shoe for bark removal depth
  • Hydraulic top wheel and back wheel are adjustable
  • Table lock assembly
  • Longer or shorter infeed with 13" (33 cm) track-type chain
  • Longer or shorter outfeed with WD-110 chain
  • 25' (7.6 m) trough outfeed conveyor with 19" (48.3 cm) track-type chain in lieu of standard
  • 25' (7.6 m) trough infeed conveyor with 19" (48.3 cm) track-type chain in lieu of standard
  • Longer or shorter infeed and outfeed conveyors with 19" track chain
  • 10,000 Series conveyor drive in lieu of standard
  • 13" x 0.8" (33 cm x 1.9 cm) UHMW Duralite wear strip for infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • 19" x 0.8" (48.3 cm x 1.9 cm) UHMW Duralite wear strip for infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Hydraulic oil temperature and level control
  • Hydraulic oil tank heater
  • All-weather operator’s cab. Cab is 54" wide x 58" x long x 6'8" tall (137.2 cm x 147.3 cm x 2 m) and includes two side sliding windows for cross ventilation
  • Side-mounted combination air conditioner/heater unit for cab enclosure
  • Heavy-duty underneath bark auger
  • Hoses are provided to position operator’s console approximately 4' (1.2 m) from the debarker center section. Cab positions requiring longer hoses are available.
  • Center Section ONLY, complete with all standard equipment
  • 16° Yoke setting for high speed debarking up to 20" (50.8 cm) diameter logs
  • Hydraulic powered raise and lower of outfeed conveyor
  • Veneer package: 6° top yoke, Veneer cutterhead and table, modified back and top wheels
  • Morbark Old-Style Cutterhead, in lieu of standard
  • 0.5" (1.3 cm) panning in lieu of 0.6" (1.6 cm)
  • Additional 3-arm manual kickers
  • 4-arm manual with dual cylinder
  • Additional 4-arm manual kickers
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