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1600 Tub Grinder

The largest tub grinder on the market, the Morbark 1600 Tub Grinder is able to power through and reduce materials from large land clearing or organic/wood waste programs. With an 11’2″ (3.4 m) tub diameter, 15′ (4.57 m) tub opening and a capacity of 20 cubic yards (15.3 cubic meters) and 1,200 horsepower (895 kW), this machine can power through tons of raw materials from large land-clearing projects and organic/wood waste processing. The Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS) monitors key systems while maximizing performance, and the remote control allows you to quickly adjust feed systems for top production rates and fuel efficiency. With laser-cut, factory-balanced hammermills and three 16″ (40.64 cm) diameter hydraulic augers to quickly move product, this tub grinder gives you optimum production.

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Remote Control

Allows the operator to quickly adjust feed systems to obtain maximum production rates while keeping engine load constant and fuel consumption to a minimum.

Hydraulic Augers

Durable, hard-surfaced steel augers quickly remove product from beneath the mill. Pressure sensors on the auger system automatically slow tub rotation to prevent plugging.


Laser cut, factory balanced mill with forged hammers provides optimum grinding power.

Morbark Integrated Control Systems (MICS)

The ultimate diagnostic system; monitors hydraulic pressures, temperatures, clutch systems, tub rotation and engine efficiency while automatically adjusting to maximize performance.

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Morbark 1600 Tub Grinder

Customer Testimonial - Bill Gaston, Wood Resource Recovery, Featuring the Morbark 1600 Tub Grinder



1600 Tub Grinder
Length (transport)52’ 2¼″, 15.9 m
Length (operating)71’ 4¾”, 21.76 m
Height13’6″, 4.11 m
Width11′ 10½", 3.62 m
Gross weight106,000 lb, 48,080 kg
Axle weight62,850 lb, 28,508 kg
Tongue weight43,150 lb, 19,572 kg
Horsepower1,200 HP, 895 kW
Fuel capacity (tank)606 gallons, 2,294 litres
Hydraulic oil capacity328 gallons, 1,242 litres
Screen area5,735 sq in, 37,000 sq cm
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