3400X Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

Listening closely to customer feedback while developing the design for the 3400X Wood Hog, Morbark provides the features customers want and the versatility they need, while staying true to our proven technology. One of the most important features of the 3400X is that it can be made as narrow as 8’4″ (2.53 m), making it within the legal transport width in any country, no matter what engine is used. This model accommodates engines from 520 to 800 horsepower (388 to 596 kW), so it is ideal for a broad range of applications in a wide variety of markets worldwide. Like all of Morbark Wood Hog models, the 3400X also is available with electric power. The size of the 3400X allows the same model, using a broad range of engines, to be configured for multiple applications and global markets without additional design considerations.

3400XT Sloped Infeed Sides

Sloped Infeed Sides

Sloped infeed sides and an additional 24″ (60.96 cm) infeed length gives the operator improved visibility and loading efficiency.

3400XT Extended Platform

Extended Maintenance Platform

The area between the hood and the engine has been reconfigured to provide an additional 12 inches (30.48 cm) of working space, for better access to components for general maintenance or to change screens.

MICS System 2017

Morbark Integrated Control Systems (MICS)

Automatically adjusts feed rates and monitors pressures and feed wheel position to maximize production and engine efficiency.

3400XT Infeed

Feed System

Internal planetary drive with no chains and sprockets means lower maintenance, more torque and better durability.

3400XT Torque Limiter

Externally Adjustable Break-Away Torque Limiter

Flexible, easily adjustable torque limiter helps protect the driveline and hammermill for damage.


Length (transport): 38’2″ (11.63 m)
Length (operating): 57’9″ (17.37 m)
Height (transport): 12′ (3.66 m)
Height (operating): 16’ ¼” (4.95 m)
Width: 8’6″ (2.59 m)

Gross weight wheeled (approx.): 59,720 lbs. (27,088 kg)
Axle weight (approx.): 40,460 lbs. (18,352 kg)
Tongue weight (approx.): 19,260 lbs. (8,736 kg)

Gross weight tracked (approx.): 71,900 lbs (32,613 kg)

Engine: CAT
Horsepower: 520 to 800 HP (388 to 596 kW)

Fuel Capacity (tank): 300 gallons (1,135 litres)
Hydraulic Oil: 100 gallons (378 litres)

Screen Area: 3,785 sq in (24,419 sq cm)

Tracks: 320L Caterpillar undercarriage with double grousers

Infeed System

Infeed Opening: 57 ½” x 38″ (145 cm x 96.5 cm)

Variable speed infeed system consists of one 34″ (86.36 cm) diameter top compression feed roll with internal drive and a 16′ long x 57 ½” (4.88 m x 146 cm) wide live floor equipped with four strands of WDH-120 chain in a staggered configuration

Hammermill and Grates

32″ x 58 ½” (81.28 cm x 149 cm) hammermill system constructed of heavy-duty 20″ (50.8 cm) diameter rotor, (16) 58 1/8″ (2.86 cm) thick two piece laser cut rotor plates to ensure precisions and enforce steel strength. The plates are keyed on a 7 ¼” (18.41 cm) diameter shaft with 4 7/16″ (11.27 cm) bearings on both ends of the rotor and eight 2 ¼” (5.7 cm) hammer retaining rods. Hammermill pattern has (18), 2″ (5.08 cm) balanced forged heavy-duty hammers, (18) 3 1/16″ (7.78 cm) wide double-edged replaceable inserts and 18 rakers.

Discharge System

Discharge system consists of a hydraulically driven, horizontal 42″ x 19’9″ (106.68 cm x 6.02 m) aggregate belt conveyor discharging onto a 36″ (91.44  cm) wide stacking conveyor with hydraulic fold for transport.

Other Features

  • Sloped infeed sides and an additonal 24″ (60.96 cm) infeed length gives the operator improved visibililty and loading efficiency
  • Extended platform area between the hood and engine for performing maintenance
  • Hydraulic hinged door allows quick and easy access for changing grates.
  • Removable infeed chain return floor
  • Automatic reversing fan system
  • Dust suppression system
  • Hydraulically operated debris containment door
  • Remote control with tethered back-up system
  • Magnetized end pulley with collecting slide tray for ferrous metal removal
  • 11-HP (8.2 kW) air compressor with lockable enclosure


  • Electric power
Specifications may vary with equipment options.

Clean, Green, Efficient

Electric-powered equipment can:

  • Reduce emissions
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Reduce fuel and operational costs

While maintaining high performance and output!

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