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Top Apps for Tree Care Professionals

Top Apps for Tree Care Professionals

Working in the tree care industry, you probably rely on your smartphone to stay connected to your customers and employees, but there are many helpful apps that we’ve discovered that can help make your life just a little bit easier. So, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Apps you can download now to assist in your everyday activities, whether that be identifying tree species and diseases, perfecting a knot, or even receiving alerts when there is inclement weather ahead.

PlantSnap: 5 free photos a day or $2.99/month
Identifying trees and plants on the job just got easier with PlantSnap. This quick and easy reference guide allows you to identify what kind of trees you’re working with and gives you a list of possible matches to choose from. Think of it as your digital pocketbook that’s always at your fingertips! Simply grab your phone, snap a photo, and choose a match that PlantSnap pulls from their database of photos.

Purdue Tree Doctor: Free Download
If you routinely diagnose and treat disease in trees and plants, this is the app for you. Not only does the Purdue Tree Doctor app identify the tree you’re curious about, but it will also help you detect any signs of disease and problems caused by insects as well. Simply search for the species of tree and choose from the robust database of information available at your fingertips. You can also lookup various problems and find images to help with an accurate diagnosis as well as links to other helpful information on the cause and treatment of tree health problems.

Storm Shield: Free Download with in-app purchases
As someone who spends every day working outdoors, you need this app. Not sure whether to start on that next tree or not? Rely on the Storm Shield to give you an accurate reading of what’s ahead in the weather. What makes it better than just regular weather apps are the notifications and alerts you can set up within the app. As a storm or other inclement weather approaches, the app will alert you to the kind of weather that’s headed to your exact location, so you never get caught in the rain (or worse) again. Link to download

Knots 3D: $5.99
Ideal for those looking to expand their knot-tying skills, the Knots 3D app is a virtual, three-dimension knot-tying experience. Practice your knot tying over and over to perfection, or learn how to tie completely new knots! This app is perfect for new or inexperienced arborists, or those just wanting to brush up on their knot-tying skills.

Arboreal: 5 free measurements; in-app purchases
Don’t have your usual measuring gear handy? No problem. Arboreal is the app that helps you measure trees just by using your phone. Using AR technology, the app measures your distance from the tree to the top of the tree to get an estimate of its height. Use it for other things as well such as measuring buildings, poles, or anything else you might encounter in a day’s work.