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The Future of Chipping Begins With Morbark's BVR and TW Series Brush Chippers

Morbark, LLC, a leading forestry, biomass, tree care, sawmill, and wood recycling equipment manufacturer, is set to unveil the all NEW "BVR" line of hand-fed brush chippers at this year's TCI Expo, Booth 1611, November 16-18 in St. Louis, Missouri. Alongside the BVR lineup, visitors will find 6 and 8-inch brush chippers from Timberwolf. Timberwolf, an Alamo Group company, is headquartered in Suffolk, UK, and will be marketed in the United States as the Morbark TW series, beginning Q1 2024. In addition, tree care and forestry equipment from Rayco, Denis Cimaf, and Boxer brands will also be on display.

Morbark's history of innovation with wood-chipping equipment goes back to the 1970s with the development of the world's first whole tree disc chipper. The whole tree disc chipper, also known as the Total Chiparvestor, was developed in response to the challenge of disposing millions of trees affected by Dutch elm disease in the United States in 1972. Building upon the success of the Chiparvestor, Morbark introduced a towable, hand-fed brush chipper in 1980 known as the Eeger Beever. The Eeger Beever featured the first hydraulically-driven feed wheel and safety control bar, further revolutionizing the industry and making operating a brush chipper safer.

The BVR line of brush chippers builds upon the legacy of Morbark's innovation in the tree care industry through an updated modular design. The complete line of BVR chippers includes the BVR 10, BVR 13, BVR 16, BVR 19, and BVR 22 and features chipping capacities from 12 to 20 inches. The new configuration of the brush chipper line streamlines the equipment's overall upkeep and maintenance routine, reducing customer downtime and increasing overall productivity.

The BVR brush chippers also feature Morbark's proven and patented ZeroClutch. The ZeroClutch removes the anxiety of engaging the chipper drum, damaged drive belts, and burned clutch discs and elevates the customer's operating experience. The ZeroClutch technology features an integrated drum speed sensor that monitors the drum speed and will not allow the clutch to engage if material is lodged between the feed wheel and drum or if the discharge chute is plugged. Customers will now simply start their brush chipper, throttle the machine to full RPMs, and engage the feed control bar.

The BVR brush chippers also feature a reverse-style pivot assembly, which contours the radius of the drum, reducing dead space between the feed wheel and the drum. This gives the machine a mechanical advantage for increased down pressure, providing optimal chipping results when working with challenging materials.

Other notable innovations to the BVR line include the infeed-mounted control panel that provides a more convenient location for operators, a side-load anvil, a 360-degree manual swivel discharge chute, which offers multiple locking positions for greater operator control over chip discharge, and a three-position electronic control bar with dual safety pull cables, further elevating industry safety standards.
"The BVR line of brush chippers showcases Morbark's commitment to innovation and customer-driven solutions. This modular, elegant design is more streamlined and provides easily accessible maintenance and simplified operating experience for our customers, ultimately leading to less downtime and higher productivity," said Brad Boehler, Morbark president and CEO. "Morbark is synonymous with innovation because it's something that's in our lifeblood and a part of who we are as an organization. Our founder, Norval Morey, never accepted that he could not change the state of the industry, and this is something that we live and breathe at Morbark. A constant desire to innovate and a constant desire to be better than we were yesterday."
Morbark will transition from manufacturing their popular Eeger Beever brush chipper line to the BVR line in January 2024, with delivery in February 2024.

Timberwolf joins Morbark at the TCI Expo and will showcase the TW 280HB HYBRID, TW 280PHB Gas-Powered, and TW 230VTR Tracked brush chippers. The Timberwolf TW 280HB HYBRID was developed to meet the growing industry trend toward more sustainable solutions. With a processing throughput of over 7 tons per hour, the TW 280HB HYBRID offers class-leading peak power of 62 HP but only 25 HP engine-level emissions. The TW 280HB HYBRID is simple to maintain and ideal for companies and organizations committed to minimizing their emissions without compromising performance.

"Balancing performance and emissions were a challenge that could not be met by simply dialing down engine sizes," explained Guy Marshlain, sales and marketing director for Timberwolf. "Therefore, our journey towards net zero began with the decision for Timberwolf to lead its own hybrid powertrain development program. The TW 280HB HYBRID is simply the first step in using our technical expertise to meet the sustainability challenges of the future. There is certainly more to follow."

Also, in the booth from Timberwolf are the TW 280PHB and TW 230VTR brush chippers. The TW 280PHB is a powerful 8 inch gas-powered chipper designed to process timber quickly and efficiently. It features an extra wide feed funnel that easily handles large, brushy material and requires minimal maintenance. The TW 230VTR Tracked brush chipper provides the transportability needed for working in even the most remote locations. The 230VTR is equipped with a variable width, dual-speed track system, and a choice of a gas or diesel engine, and is ideal for working in tight spaces without sacrificing Timberwolf power and the ergonomics required to get the job done.

Also, in the Morbark booth, 1611, will be the Morbark 2400X Wood Hog horizontal grinder, Rayco 1800AWL articulated wheel loader, C120 dedicated forestry mulcher, RG165T-R, RG80, RG55, and RG37 stump cutters; front and boom-mounted mulching attachments from Denis Cimaf, and from Boxer, the 700HDX mini-skid steer.