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Land Clearing and Right-of-Way Maintenance

Land Clearing and Right-of-Way Maintenance
Morbark and its family of brands, including Rayco and DENIS CIMAF, offer a wide variety of equipment for all of your land-clearing needs. No matter the challenges or terrain you encounter, our equipment will effectively handle vegetation and land management, site preparation, utility line clearing, mowing, mulching, or tree removal.
Utilities must carefully prepare pipeline and cable installation sites to ensure that they can perform their duties quickly and effectively. The same is true for the areas around transmission and distribution lines. Tree removal is one of the most essential parts of this process and requires robust equipment to cut down this vegetation and remove stumps and roots from the area. Tree roots can damage pipes, causing added maintenance and repair. Trees are also a leading cause of power outages when they come in contact with electrical lines. In the summer, vegetation can grow to the point of choking off access roads. Maintaining a safe distance between utility lines and trees or shrubs can reduce these issues and increase the longevity of pipelines, cables, and power lines. Rights of way require ongoing maintenance and vegetation management for optimal service and safety.
DENIS CIMAF high-performance brushcutter-mulcher attachments, as well as Rayco’s line of purpose-built forestry machines, forestry mulchers, hydra-stumpers, and forestry mowers, can easily clear unwanted vegetation across a wide range of environments. Rayco’s aerial trimmer allows for tree trimming up to 75 feet. Our equipment makes clearing away unwanted brush and underbrush on your property easy and efficient, whether you are clearing land for building, livestock grazing areas, utility lines, or roadside maintenance. Mulching to clear brush allows you to remove brush right to the ground, making it easy for you to maintain your property and reducing or eliminating the need for burning or trucking out waste by turning the mulch into topsoil.
Contractors doing residential tree trimming around utility lines frequently use Morbark brush chippers to chip the removed limbs or storm-damaged trees that endanger power lines.
Larger land-clearing projects may require Morbark’s larger chippers and grinders as well. This includes clearing land for construction projects, worksite access roads, making fire barriers, widening existing or creating new highways, and much more. Morbark tracked Wood Hog horizontal grinders and whole tree chippers are ideal for taking the machine to the material.