Maintenance Made Easy

Maintenance Made EasyMorbark has listened to the voice of our customers and turned some of the maintenance questions we most frequently hear about our Beever™ brush chippers into a series of easy-to-follow videos.

These “Maintenance Made Easy” videos can be easily accessed through QR codes on maintenance cards available through any local authorized Morbark dealer or by request through the form below.

The videos include information on the tools needed, approximate time to complete and easy-to-follow instructions on how to do the task.

There are currently 11 videos (see tab below). Additional videos will be added in the future, based on requests and recommendations from customers and common questions our dealers and Morbark’s service technicians receive.

Request Your Maintenance Made Easy Cards below!

Anvil Adjustment

Setting the Auto Feed

Belt Tension

Brush Chipper Maintenance Schedule

ChipSafe® Operator Instructions

Knife Care

Auto Clutch HD1300

NACD Clutch

STEIN Auto Clutch

24547-403 & 503 Clutch Adjustment

24547-803 Clutch Adjustment

iQ View Auto-Feed Panel Settings

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ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield

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The ChipSafe® Operator Safety Shield — the latest safety innovation for Morbark Beever™ Brush Chippers.

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