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DER Roadside Maintenance Unit

The DER was designed to be the ultimate roadside maintenance unit. Convert an idle grader to a machine specialized for highway, roadway , and trail maintenance using a power unit, custom boom and the DER-120B. It can also be installed without the powerpack or boom on systems that do not require them.

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Tilt System

The attachment can tilt forward and backward 15 degree on each side.

Vertical Reach

288-inch (730-cm) maximum vertical reach (vertical cut)

Lateral Reach

336-inch (853-cm) maximum lateral reach, fron the center of the machine (horizontal cut)


68-inch (173-cm) maximum below-ground depth (horizontal cut)

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DER Roadside Maintenance Unit
Minimum Excavator Size20,000 lb, 10 t
Recommended Minimum Carrier Power65 HP, 48 kW
Cutting Width47", 119 cm
Cutting Distance from Ground Level0.625", 1.6 cm
Number of Blades on Rotor21
Optimal Target Material Diameter<4", <10 cm
Exterior Length56", 142 cm
Exterior Height21", 53 cm
Exterior Width29", 74 cm
Rotor Diameter14", 35 cm
Approximate Typical Weight1,200 lb, 544 kg
Hydraulic System-------------------------
Variable Displacement Axial Piston Motor60 cc
Minimum Required Continuous Flow16 gal/min, 61 L/min
Maximum Operating Pressure4,000 psi, 275 bar
Rotating Speed2,500 rpm
Pressure Line I.D.0.75", #12
Return Line I.D.0.75", #12
Drain Line I.D.0.5, #8
Other Features-------------------------
Type of Sharpenable Bolt-on Forged BladesV-Back
Tilt SystemOptional
Bolt-on Wear LinerIncluded
Approximate Weight (All Options)1,430 lb, 650 kg
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