Morbark Signs Agreement with Green Manufacturing to Offer Quadwheel

Becomes only OEM to distribute Quadwheel™

Morbark, Inc., recently signed a distributor agreement with Green Manufacturing Inc., to offer the Quadwheel as standard equipment on its compact, lightweight and affordable G 42 SP Stump Grinder. The agreement also makes Morbark the exclusive original equipment manufacturer in the tree care market to distribute the wheel.

“We always work to provide the best systems for our customers,” Casey Gross, Morbark Tree Care Products Sales Manager, said. “We tested the wheel and found that it enhanced the performance of our G 42 SP stump grinder, so we’re excited to offer it as the standard cutting system on that model.”

The Quadwheel is designed to transform your stump grinder into a stump cutter. The wheel uses four replaceable mounting blocks and holders designed to protect the nuts from wear. Each holder accepts 3 Greenwheel Wearsharp™ Greenteeth. These innovative teeth are designed to wear to a new edge while cutting, increasing durability and the life of the tooth. The teeth are also indexable, so they can be turned to a new edge simply by loosening the nut, turning the tooth and retightening the nut. Since the Quadwheel system uses only 12 teeth and no spacers, fewer wear parts are needed, reducing maintenance and downtime for more production and profitability.

“Many people think fewer teeth would reduce production,” said Gross, “but this configuration has shown it’s actually the opposite; the Quadwheel uses 12 teeth instead of 18 teeth on our previous standard stump grinder wheel, while increasing the productivity of the grinder.

“We’re also excited to use this wheel because of its durability,” Gross added. “Building heavy-duty, dependable equipment is what Morbark is all about.”

Brian Holly, Chief Operating Officer at Green Manufacturing, agrees. “Having a dependable and efficient cutting system is one of the most important aspects of a stump cutter, which is why we take additional steps to ensure we design and produce a high-quality product.”

The Quadwheel is produced using 4140 steel. The holder and clamp blocks are grade-8 heat-treated for longer wear life.

This fits perfectly with the powerful Morbark G 42 SP Stump Grinder. Incorporating rugged, long-lasting design, the G 42 SP is an ideal unit for landscapers, stump grinding contractors and rental stores. Equipped with a 35-HP Kohler engine, this stump grinder really packs a punch. Its compact size, power and affordability allow customers the ability to expand their businesses or generate new business with a modest capital investment.

Green Manufacturing will display a Morbark G 42 SP stump grinder with the Quadwheel at its booth (#643) at the TCI Expo, November 13-15, in Hartford, Conn. You may also see the Quadwheel in Morbark’s TCI Expo booth (#701).

About Green Manufacturing:
Green Manufacturing, based in Southern Michigan, created a name in the industry 20 years ago when they invented the first indexable stump cutting tooth, Greenteeth. Using the latest technology and sophisticated CNC machining equipment, their products are made in the USA and are shipped worldwide. Their products include 12 different teeth offerings, 4 pocket systems, as well as a 2 different wheel options.

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