Morbark Introduces Knife-Edged Wearwolf™ Insert

New Insert Allows Customers to Break Down Palm, Chop Frozen Wood and Produce Chips in Industrial Grinders

Morbark, Inc., recently launched the Wearwolf™ Insert, the newest addition to its line of inserts for industrial grinders. Morbark is a leading manufacturer of industrial grinders and chippers for the forestry, biomass, sawmill and wood reduction and recycling industries, as well as brush chippers and stump grinders for the tree care market.

Wearwolf InsertWith heat-treated, knife-like edges on a solid, forged-steel insert blank, the Wearwolf cuts material rather than beating it into mulch. Therefore, customers can make chips out of hard and soft woods without needing another machine. The Wearwolf’s greatest advantage may be in its handling of stringy material such as palm. Morbark customers had been asking for a way to break down palm waste and other stringy material effectively.

“Morbark has a tradition of listening to our customers and addressing their needs,” said Dave Daymon Jr., Morbark Dealer Parts Sales Lead. “We met with our engineers and our vendors to design a new insert to help our customers break down palm, and we came up with the Wearwolf. The Wearwolf chops the palm, so it doesn’t wrap around the hammermill of the grinder like it does when using standard inserts.”

In customer tests, the Wearwolf not only efficiently chopped and broke down palm waste; when processing hardwood or soft woods, it also provided a denser end product, yielding two to three additional tons per load than a standard insert. Due to its knife edge, the Wearwolf even handles frozen wood with ease.

Sun Recycling, a C&D processing facility in West Palm Beach, Fla., saw a 30% increase in production, according to Facility Manager Paul Valenti. “We never once went into reverse with the Morbark Wearwolf Inserts,” added Valenti. “They save us maintenance time, downtime and allow us to increase our overall production.”

Like all Morbark inserts, the Wearwolf is made of a forged material, which is stronger, more durable and scores better on a Rockwell tester than a casted material or tooled steel.

The Wearwolf Insert is the newest addition to the Wolf Pack™ line of genuine Morbark inserts, and is available for Morbark tub grinders and Wood Hog horizontal grinders.