ChipSafe Now Available on Smaller Chippers

Morbark’s Award-Winning ChipSafe® Operator Safety Shield Now Available on 6-inch and 8-inch Beever Brush Chippers

Morbark, Inc., has expanded the availability of its ChipSafe® Operator Safety Shield as an option to the Beever M6R and M8D model brush chippers. The ChipSafe device had previously been available on all new Morbark® 12-inch to 18-inch capacity chippers. Field kits to retrofit current model Morbark 6- to 18-inch capacity chippers with the ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield also are available through Morbark’s worldwide dealer network.

Consisting of plates mounted directly to the sides of the brush chipper’s infeed chute and used in conjunction with special work gloves and ankle straps (or straps on both the ankles and wrists), the ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield stops the chipper’s feeding mechanism if the operator’s hands or feet enter the defined ChipSafe sensing zone in the infeed chute, protecting the operator from possible injury. The chipper’s feeding mechanism is restarted with a simple swipe of the operator’s ChipSafe glove or wrist strap across a reset box located on the outer side of the infeed chute, so high productivity is maintained.

“When we launched the ChipSafe last spring, we started with the most popular models,” said Larry Voelker, Morbark VP of Vice President of Engineering and Product Development. “We’re happy to offer this safety feature to customers of our smaller chippers now as well.”

The ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield has been recognized as an innovative product in the industry, winning the following awards:

  • American Public Works Association Best New Product of 2014
  • Arbor Age A+ New Product Award
  • Rental Equipment Register Innovative Product Award

“Morbark and our dealers are deeply committed to safety, and strongly believe that the ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield helps protect our customers and their employees from injury,” said Voelker. “We are extremely honored to have the ChipSafe Operator Safety Shield recognized by those in the tree care equipment industry.”