Wolf Bite Insert

Morbark® Wolf Pack® Wolf Bite® Inserts work best for grinding non-contaminated materials. They are designed to provide up to 20% more production per yard than a standard Alpha Insert.

Note: These inserts are not recommended for grinding foreign debris such as rocks, steel, dirt and sand—such materials will chip and/or break off the insert’s carbide teeth.

Wolf Bite Insert


Application: Primary grind, regrind

Material: Large clean material, land clearing

Contamination Tolerance: Little to no

Average Wear Life: 48 hours in little- to no-contamination applications

Configuration: Mix: half Wolf Bite Inserts and half Alpha Inserts

Applicable Machines:
Tub Grinders: 1000, 1300
Wood Hogs: 2600, 3600, 3800, 4600, 4600XL, 5600, 6600, 7600

Morbark AR450 Grates

Morbark AR450 Grates:
High Performance. Higher Value.

Morbark AR450 Grates give you:

  • Morbark Quality
  • Longer Life
  • Greater Value
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