Alpha Insert

Morbark® Wolf Pack® Alpha® Inserts are designed for your most difficult grinding applications and give you the best wear life of all Morbark inserts. Morbark holds a patent on the Alpha forged blank that allows us to provide more tungsten-carbide mixture on each Alpha insert, for longer wear life than competitors’ inserts.

At Morbark, we understand that every customer and every application is different. Some customers are looking for the highest quality grinder insert with the best value over time. Others process lower volumes and are looking for a good insert at a low cost. That’s why we offer three variations of our popular Alpha Inserts: The Alpha 1 (Good), Alpha 2 (Better) and Alpha 3 (Best), each with a different level of carbide saturation.

Whichever you choose, our Alpha Inserts will lead the pack for you!


Application: Primary grind, regrind

Material: Logs, land clearing, C&D, green waste

Contamination Tolerance: High

Average Wear Life: 128 hours in high-contamination applications

Configuration: Full set

Applicable Machines:
Tub Grinders: 950, 1000, 1100, 1200, 1200XL, 1300, 1400, 1500, 1600
Wood Hogs: 2600, 3800, 3800XL, 4600, 4600XL, 5600, 6600

Putting Alpha Inserts to the Test

Morbark is on a never-ending quest to provide customers with wear parts that make processing even the most challenging materials more effective and efficient.

Recently we put our Alpha® 1 (Good), Alpha® 2 (Better), Alpha® 3 (Best) and an insert currently under development to the test against a competitor insert at a customer site in Pontiac, Michigan.

We encountered the same challenges that our customers face in the field every day, including working in hot, dusty and dirty conditions, hitting rocks, steel and other foreign objects often hidden from sight in materials being processed. In fact, one Alpha 3 insert (position #5) was prematurely removed when the tub grinder hit a steel hitch.

Materials processed throughout the testing period included:

  • Primary grind, regrind and third grind of dirty green waste
  • C & D Waste
  • Clean Wood Chips

In total, 20,450 yards of waste were processed, equating to approximately 255 yards per hour. There were two inserts (Competitor #1 and Alpha 3 #16), which, because of their position on the mill, wore more slowly. These two inserts are not included in the final average testing run time results or other final statistics provided.

The results clearly prove that Morbark’s Alpha 3 not only out‑performed the competition, but can save your operation thousands of dollars in wear parts on an annual basis.

Alpha Insert Testing

Morbark AR450 Grates

Morbark AR450 Grates:
High Performance. Higher Value.

Morbark AR450 Grates give you:

  • Morbark Quality
  • Longer Life
  • Greater Value
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