Morbark Wolf Pack® Inserts are built like our equipment—robust, rugged and reliable—to give you tons more production and less downtime. There’s a Wolf Pack insert for every application, from the Alpha®, made with the highest carbide saturation on the market, to the razor-sharp Wearwolf® that rips through palm or any wood you can feed it.

Alpha Inserts

We offer three variations of our popular Alpha Inserts: The Alpha 1 (Good), Alpha 2 (Better) and Alpha 3 (Best), each with a different level of carbide saturation. Alpha Inserts are best for primary and regrind, green waste, forestry residue, scrap wood, C&D waste, municipal solid waste, and industrial recycling.

Lone Wolf Inserts

Lone Wolf® Inserts are designed for your most difficult grinding applications, but give you a 22% cost savings with only a 10% reduction in wear life compared to our standard Alpha® Inserts. Lone Wolf Inserts are best for construction & demolition and municipal solid waste.

Wearwolf Insert

Wearwolf Inserts

The Wearwolf® Insert rips through palm, hardwood, frozen and soft woods, anything you can feed it. Wearwolf Inserts work best for grinding medium-contamination materials. Designed to provide a denser end product that renders two to three additional tons per load by cutting instead of grabbing the material, Wearwolf Inserts can efficiently chop and break down palm waste, reducing wrapping and increasing run time efficiency. We offer two variations of our popular Wearwolf Inserts: The original Wearwolf Gen 1 insert, plus the Wearwolf Gen 2 with an added a strip of carbide to each edge for even longer wear life!

Wolf Bite Insert

Wolf Bite Inserts

Wolf Bite® Inserts work best for grinding non-contaminated materials. They are designed to provide up to 20% more production per yard than a standard Alpha Insert. Wolf Bite Inserts are best for slab wood. Note: These inserts are not recommended for grinding foreign debris such as rocks, steel, dirt and sand—such materials will chip and/or break off the insert’s carbide teeth.

Wolf Claw Insert

Wolf Claw Inserts

Wolf Claw® Inserts work best for grinding stumps and land-clearing materials. They feature hooked grinding tips—finished with our unique, tungsten-carbide mixture—which aggressively grab material to deliver higher grinding production.