AR450 Grates

Squeeze every bit of profit out of your operations with Morbark® AR450 grates for grinders and chippers. With the increased wear resistance of AR450 steel, these new grates last longer and need replacement less often. You get:

  • Morbark Quality – AR450 grates are precision-cut and -formed for the industry-leading dependability and durability you expect from Morbark.
  • Longer Life – AR450 steel is more abrasion-resistant than AR400 and lasts about 25% longer in high-wear applications.
  • Greater Value – The competitive price and long life of our AR450 grates give you lower per-ton operating costs than you get from aftermarket grates, boosting your bottom line while maintaining your product quality.

Save money without sacrificing performance with Morbark AR450 grates. Like all high-quality, genuine Morbark parts, they are easily available at any authorized Morbark dealer.

Morbark Knives

Morbark Knives: High Performance. Higher Value.

Morbark knives give you:

  • Morbark Durability
  • Improved Quality
  • Better Value
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