Bevel Buddy

Morbark®, the most trusted name in tree care, forestry, sawmill, and wood recycling equipment, has partnered with Precision Sharpening Devices Inc. to sell the Bevel Buddy™ Chipper Knife Sharpener through its authorized dealer network.

The Bevel Buddy handheld sharpener allows the knives to be re-sharpened without needing to be removed from the machine. The knives can be re-sharpened this way two to three times, reducing customer downtime.

The Bevel Buddy:

  • Reduces knife changes and resharpening costs
  • Reduces downtime for more production time and bigger profits
  • Extends the life for chipper parts such as bolts, knife holders and clamps
  • Allows you to use less fuel due to sharper knives

Since 1988 Precision Sharpening Devices, Inc., has been manufacturing counter grinding/back beveling equipment for knives used by a variety of industries, mostly for the pulp and paper, sawmill, plywood, and whole tree chipping markets.

The Bevel Buddy is available at any authorized Morbark dealer in corded, cordless and pneumatic models.

The following video shows proper use of the Bevel Buddy unit. Always review safe and proper operating procedures before using any equipment.

After several passes with the Bevel Buddy, the knife does not show any signs of overheating, which could cause the knife to lose its temper. Please note: only one pass with the Bevel Buddy is needed to keep knives sharp for each application.

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