Morbark Chippers and Stump Grinders for the Equipment Rental Market

Morbark understands the needs of your rental equipment business; as an equipment provider, you need to carry the most reliable, safe, efficient, and easy-to-use equipment on the market. Whether you are serving small tree care companies, landscapers, or do-it-yourselfers or private land owners, your equipment needs to stand up to the challenge.

As a rental business carrying Morbark equipment, we understand that you are representing the Morbark brand and yourself. We want to do everything we can to support you.

The rental industry is unique and set apart from other equipment owners. While rental companies generally do not provide tree services, it is a specific segment with its own set of needs. The rental segment helps connect us to an assortment of end users, users that can’t justify owning a chipper, yet need one from time-to-time.

Needs of the segment include:

Safety Features

With many users ranging in equipment handling experience, rental businesses need to provide equipment with an array of all-encompassing safety features.

Ease of Operation

Rental businesses have an assortment of customers and users with differing levels of experience, so easy operating instructions are important. We want to make sure that your rental managers can teach your customers thorough, safety-focused, in-depth operating instructions in less time. This also helps make the operating experience more enjoyable for the end user, increasing the likelihood of repeat business.

Ease of Maintenance/Fast Turnaround

The rental unit should require a minimum of maintenance, and any procedure that has to be completed needs to be easy and fast. Also, when a unit comes back from the field, turnaround maintenance, like oil checks, fueling, clean up and safety checks should be simple, efficient and quick.

Factory and Dealer Support

Morbark has a large dealer network. This is a reflection of our commitment to providing customers the best possible service. We understand that sometimes issues arise where your equipment may need parts or support maintenance, and in these instances, having a local, factory-trained technician can make all the difference in reducing your machine’s downtime. We provide our dealers with specialized sales, parts and service training because the better we support our dealers, the better we can support you.

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