Eeger Beever™ 1621 Brush Chipper

With its high capacity and economical design, the compact Eeger Beever 1621 chipper is the ideal unit for residential tree services, utility line clearing, vegetation management, maintenance contractors and municipalities. The 8.2 lb., 6″ (3.7 kg, 15.2 cm) channel frame rails increase structural strength while maintaining low unit weight. With the powerful TorqMax™ top feed wheel compression system — the 32.3ci hydraulic motor generates more than 3,400 lb./ft. (7,530 kg/m) of material pulling force — and 18″ (45.72 cm) diameter dual feed wheels with straight flow-through infeed design, the 1621 provides powerful and efficient chipping action.

Morbark Beever M14R TorqMax

TorqMax™ Feed System

The powerful TorqMax™ top feed wheel compression system generates more than 3,400 lb/ft (4,610 Nm) of material pulling force.

Infeed System

The wide infeed opening with 18″ diameter dual feed wheels and straight flow-through infeed easily climbs over material, reduces drag and increases chipping efficiency.

Beever M14R Channel Fram

Channel Frame

The 8.2 lb., 6″ (3.7 kg, 15.2 cm) channel frame rails increase structural strength while maintaining low unit weight.

360° Swivel Discharge

360° manual crank swivel discharge with adjustable height puts chips right where they’re needed without removing the Beever from the tow vehicle.


Height: 8’10” (2.69 m)
Width:  6’11” (2.11 m)
Length: 16’5″ (5 m)

Weight (approximate): 7,200 lb (3,266 kg)
Suspension: 8,000 lb Torflex (3,629 kg)

Infeed opening: 35″ high x 59″ wide (88.9 cm x 149.9 cm)
Throat opening: 16″ high c 20.5″ wide (40.6 cm x 52.1 cm)
Drum: 23.75″ wide x 21.375″ diameter (60.32 cm x 54.29 cm)

Engine: CAT, Perkins, or PSI
Horsepower: 122.5–147 HP (91.3—109.6 kW)

Fuel capacity (tank): 32 gallons (121.1 litre)
Hydraulic oil capacity: 13 gallons (49.2 litre)

Frame: 8.2 lb., 6″ channel (3.72 kg., 15.24 cm channel)

Tires: (2) 215/75Rx17.5

Hitch: 2.5″ Pintle Ring (6.35 cm)

Equipment Highlights

23.75″ (60.3 cm) wide x 21.375″ (54.3 cm) diameter, two dual-edged knife staggered-pocket drum with dual‑sided, chambered air impeller system
Single (top) horizontal feed wheel with TorqMax™ top feed wheel compression system, hydraulic lift assist, spring-assisted down pressure and manually applied hydraulic down pressure at the valve handle

Reversing automatic feed system

Enclosed engine with gauge panel, radiator fines screen and slide rails for belt adjustment

Fuel tank gauge and shut-off valve

Hydraulic tank shut-off valve, drain plug, sight gauge and clean-out cover

Bottom Feedwheel

Telescoping Drawbar


  • ChipSafe® Operator Safety Shield
  • Winch package: heavy-duty, 5,000 lb (2,268 kg) pull capacity with rope and 10′ chafe guard
  • Custom paint and logo packages
  • Bottom Bump Bar
  • Hydraulic Swivel Discharge
  • Cone Holder
  • Spare Tire/Mount
  • Folding Infeed Tray
  • Bottom Feedwheel
  • Flow Control
  • Axle Options Available
  • Chock Holder
  • Infeed Curtain
  • Pusher Paddle
  • Strobe Light
  • Rear Jacks
Specifications may vary with equipment options.
Bevel Buddy™ makes chipping more profitable

Bevel Buddy™ makes chipping more profitable

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