Beever™ M20R Forestry Chipper

Our versatile, high-performance M20R model built heavier in critical wear areas provides optimal performance for in-woods chipping. Easily filling a 53′ trailer and sustaining up to four to five loads per day, this hard-working, aggressive chipper is the perfect option for those looking to enter the biomass market with low startup costs.

This machine features the Advantage 3 Drum and electronic flow control to control feed speed from the remote. Tough, abrasion-resistant AR-400 steel is used for the drum skin, replaceable belly band, discharge chute and wear strips beneath the bed chain, providing strength and long wear life.

M20R Forestry Infeed Deck

Infeed Deck

A 6′ feed bed with live chain drive, tilted downward at 4° angle, provides efficient feeding of tree-length material.

M20R Forestry Remote

Remote Control

Wireless remote with tethered back-up system controls the feed functions, yoke functions, throttle functions, rear stabilizers and hydraulic swivel discharge.

M20R Track Forestry Advantage 3 Drum


The Advantage 3™ drum creates more uniform chips and reduces operating and maintenance costs.

M20R Forestry Frame


The Beever M20R Forestry has the heaviest frame among machines in the <20,000 lb. (9,072 kg.) weight range.

M20R Track Forestry Ground Clearance

Track Undercarriage Option

Take the chipper to the material with a two-speed 139 ½” long x 19 ½” wide track undercarriage and 6 PSI ground pressure.


Chipping Capacity: 20″ (50.8 cm)

Height Wheeled: 10’10” (3.3 m)
Width Wheeled:  7’8″ (2.34 m)
Length Wheeled: 26’8″ (8.12 m)

Height Tracked: 11’5″ (3.48 m)
Width Tracked: 8’6″ (2.59 m)
Length Tracked: 22’9″ (6.93 m)

Gross weight (approximate): 18,000 lbs. (8,165 kg) Wheeled

Gross weight (approximate): 26,540 lbs. (12,040 kg) Track
Suspension: 20,000 lb. (9,071 kg) torsion

Infeed opening: 65″ wide x 43″ high (165 cm x 109.22 cm)
Throat opening: 28″ wide x 20″ high (71.12 cm x 50.8 cm)

Drum: 33 3/8″ wide x 36″ diameter (84.77 cm x 91.44 cm)

Engine: CAT
Horsepower: 350 HP to 400 HP (260 kW to 300 kW)

Fuel capacity (tank): 65 gallons (246 litres)
Hydraulic oil capacity: 52 gallons (197 litres)

Frame: 2″ x 10″ tubular (5.08 cm x 25.4 cm)

Tires:  (4) 235/75×17 ½”

Hitch: 3″ (7.62 cm) Pintle Ring

Equipment Highlights

TorqMax Plus compression system, hydraulic lift assist, Variable Force constant hydraulic down pressure system with additional manually applied hydraulic down pressure at the valve handle and sprocket driven bottom feed wheel

Directional flow discharge system with 38° horizontal and 17° vertical hydraulic positioning manufactured from 3/8″ (9.5 mm) thick abrasion resistant (AR-400) top and sides with ¼” (6.35 mm) HR bottom

Hydraulic front and dual rear stabilizers

36″ diameter x 33 3/8″ (91.44 cm x 84.77 cm) wide drum with front pocket and six Babbitt-style knives with removable knife holders

Discharge clean out door on bottom

Steel guard enclosing valve bank and automatic feed system components

3-speed feed rate

Live hydraulic system including: ball valve, pump, motor, and valve bank

The Morbark Paint System is a Super-Shield® topcoat and two-component, high-performance, isocyanate-free, urethane system.  The topcoat is high-solids, low-VOC, and offers long-term color and UV protections, as well as resistance to a wide range of chemicals, pollutants, and natural weathering. The system utilizes automotive grade pigments in the Super-Shield topcoat to achieve outstanding color and gloss protection.  The system has also been tested to meet many military-grade standards for long-term performance. (Super-Shield is a registered trademark of Cloverdale Paint Inc.)

Spanish and English safety decals

OptionsTrack undercarriage options

  • Mor-Lift Model 150M Knuckleboom Loader with 14′ extended boom reach and 2,680-lb. lift capacity at 10′ reach
  • Direction Flow Discharge w/90º horizontal swing
  • Axle options available
  • Fender options available
  • Battery box options available
  • Custom paint and logo packages
Specifications may vary with equipment options.

Maintenance Made Easy

Morbark’s easy-to-follow videos answer some of the most common maintenance questions for our Beever™ brush chippers.

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