30/36 Whole Tree Drum Chipper

The Morbark 30/36 Whole Tree Drum Chipper’s high production rate lowers operating costs by increasing fuel efficiency. The aggressive live floor feeding system with two strands of durable WHD-120 chain and a large top and bottom feedwheels ensure positive feeding of material, including brushy tops and limbs. Morbark’s Advantage 3 Drum produces more consistent chips, while the heat-treated, AR-400 steel drum skin provides longer wear life for lower replacement costs and less downtime.

Drum Chipper MICS

Morbark Integrated Control Systems (MICS)

This ultimate diagnostic system monitors hydraulic pressures, temperatures, clutch systems and engine efficiency to maximize performance.

Morbark Advantage 3 Drum


The Advantage 3™ drum creates more uniform chips and reduces operating and maintenance costs.


Directional flow discharge chute is hydraulically adjustable by remote control for maximum chip loads.

30/36 Infeed

Sloped Infeed System

Aggressive, sloped live floor and large top and bottom feedwheels ensure positive feed of brushy tops and limbs.

Optional Forestry Grate

Optional Forestry Grate

The operator-friendly, slide-in forestry grate system reduces oversized chips for more consistent, higher-quality chips.

Optional Chip Accelerator

Optional Chip Accelerator

A mechanically driven chip accelerator fully loads vans with chips.


Length NCL: 31’6″ (9.6 m)
Height NCL: 11’6″ (3.5 m)
Width NCL: 8’4″ (2.54 m)

Length NCL Track: 29’5.25″ (8.97 m)
Height NCL Track: 11’6″ (3.5 m)
Width NCL Track: 8’6″ (2.59 m)

Gross weight NCL: 36,500 lbs. (16,556 kg)
Tongue weight NCL: 7,200 lbs. (3,265 kg)
Axle weight NCL: 29,300 lbs. (13,290 kg)
Tandem axle NCL: 36,000 lbs. (16,330 kg) leaf spring suspension

Gross weight NCL Track: 51,500 lbs. (23,360 kg)

Engine: CAT
Horsepower: 540 HP to 765 HP (402 kW to 570 kW)

Fuel capacity (tank): 160 gallons (605 litres)
Fuel capacity (tank), NCL Track: 200 gallons (757 litres)
Hydraulic oil capacity: 80 gallons (303 litres)
Hydraulic oil capacity, NCL Track: 100 gallons (378 litres)

Chipping capacity: 23″ (58.42 cm) diameter

Tires: Super Singles 385/65R/22.5 20-ply

Brakes: air

Towing arrangement: Pintle Hitch Tongue with Skidder Plates

11-HP (8.2 kW) air compressor with lockable enclosure

Automatic reversing fan system

Rear hydraulic stabilizers

Light package

Infeed System

Infeed opening: 31″ x 34″ (78.74 cm x 86.36 cm)

Infeed System consists of one 30″ (76.2 cm) diameter top compression feed roll with internal drive, a 14″ (35.56 cm) diameter bottom feed wheel, and a 31″ wide x 11’6″ (78.74 cm x 3.5 m) long live floor equipped with two strands of WDH-120 chain.

Chipper Assembly

Drum diameter: 36″ (91.44 cm)
Drum width: 34 ½” (87.63 cm)
Chipper knives (6): 11″ x 7 5/16″ x ¾” thick (27.94 cm x 18.57 cm x 1.9 cm)
Counter knives (6): 11″ x 6 3/8″ x ½” thick (27.94 cm x 16.19 cm x 1.27 cm)
Knives and Counter knives are Babbitt-style
Feed drive: hydraulic

Discharge System

Straight discharge chute includes hydraulically operated chip deflect with vertical and horizontal adjustment. Optionally includes a mechanically driven chip accelerator to fully load vans.


Wireless remote control with a 60′ (18.28 m) tethered remote back-up system for chipper operation.  Functions include forward/reverse of feed works, up and down of top feed roll, operation of chip discharge spout and throttle.


  • MicroChipper package: to include 12-knife drum, chip accelerator and 3×3 grate system
  • Top load discharge
  • ESPAR heating system for cold-weather start
  • Chip Accelerator
  • Forestry Grate
  • 320L Caterpillar undercarriage
Specifications may vary with equipment options.
Bevel Buddy™ makes chipping more profitable

Bevel Buddy™ makes chipping more profitable

Re-sharpen knives without removing from machine for less downtime and more production!

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