Morbark offers a full line of Wood Hog horizontal grinders in a range of sizes, on tracks or tires, diesel or electric powered. Add a wide variety of available options, and you’ve got the flexibility to customize the perfect grinder for your particular needs.

The Wood Hog is the best industrial-grade grinder you can get for processing brush, yard waste, clearing debris, storm debris, C&D waste, other mixed woody feedstocks, and asphalt shingles into saleable products. All Wood Hogs come standard with the Morbark Integrated Control System (MICS) to maximize production and engine efficiency; a laser-cut, factory-balanced rotor for unsurpassed durability; and an aggressive feed wheel with an internal poclain drive that has no chains or sprockets for more torque and reduced maintenance.

The proven breakaway torque limiter driveline protection system protects against catastrophic damage from contaminants. And with the optional Morbark Quick Switch Grinder-to-Chipper Conversion Kit, you can use your Morbark Wood Hog to produce high-quality – and highly profitable – biomass fuel chips or sawdust. These are just some of the reasons that Morbark is the largest and most respected name in grinding.

2600 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder | 3400X Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder | 4600XL Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder | 6400XT Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder | 6600 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

2600 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

2600 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

Compact and easy-to-tow, the Morbark 2600 Wood Hog is perfect for processing yard waste, brush and other mixed woody feedstock into saleable product. Equipped with up to 300 horsepower (224 kW) as well as a variety of innovative design elements, this efficient little package can take your business to the next level.

Morbark 3400XT Wood Hog

3400X Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

A revolutionary new Wood Hog horizontal grinder, the 3400X is powerful, productive and versatile; this machine will be sure to turn heads! One of the most important features of the 3400X is its standard width of 8’6″ (2.59 m) and can be made as narrow as 8’4″ (2.53 m), making it within the legal transport width in any country, no matter what engine is used. This model accommodates engines from 540 to 800 horsepower (402 to 596 kW), so it is ideal for a broad range of applications in a wide variety of markets worldwide. The size of the 3400X allows the same model, using a broad range of engines, to be configured for multiple applications and global markets without additional design considerations.

Morbark 4600XL Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

4600XL Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

With a large hammermill and a 36″ tip swing, the Morbark 4600XL Wood Hog offers unmatched performance in its class. Features include a 60″ x 46″ infeed opening for processing bulky material, 1050 HP (782 kW) engine, a pegged feed wheel to prevent wrapping, and rugged WHD-120 infeed chain to easily handle tough material.

Morbark 6400XT Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

6400XT Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

The newest model in Morbark’s next-generation platform of horizontal grinders, the 6400XT Wood Hog includes many feature improvements first introduced in the smaller 3400XT, focusing on production, operator-friendliness, ease of maintenance and transportability.

Morbark 6600 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

6600 Wood Hog Horizontal Grinder

The 6600 Wood Hog is an aggressive, productive grinder ideal for processing clearing debris, yard waste and storm debris into saleable products. The 6600 Wood Hog’s 66″ x 50″ infeed opening processes large material with ease, and engine options up to 1200 HP give you plenty of power.

Clean, Green, Efficient

Electric-powered equipment can:

  • Reduce emissions
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Reduce fuel and operational costs

While maintaining high performance and output!

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