Morbark offers a full line of attachments to increase the versatility, efficiency and profitability of your grinding or chipping operation.

In addition to making the best-selling recycling and forestry equipment, we have unparalleled expertise with more than a half-century of experience in wood waste processing, so we know what auxiliary equipment you need to make your operation more complete and successful.

And, just like our grinders and other machines, Morbark attachments are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to give you the quality you demand for your business.

Brush Rake | Talon Debris Shear | Mor-Bite™­ Grapple

Brush Rake

Brush Rake

Save time and money with the Morbark Brush Rake by bringing material to the machine instead of having to move the machine to the material. Capable of picking up and carrying stumps, logs, brush, pallets, C&D material, regrind and more, the Morbark Brush Rake attaches to your front-end wheel loader in less than five minutes.

Talon Debris Shear

Talon Debris Shear

With Morbark Talon Debris Shears, you effectively reduce the size of large-diameter stumps and logs fed into your machine, resulting in less wear and tear on the machine and increased productivity. These highly versatile shears can process wood up to 60″ (Model 60) or 40″ (Model 40) in diameter both in and out of the ground.

Morbark Mor-Bite Grapple

Mor-Bite™­ Grapple

The heavy-duty Morbark Mor-bite™ Grapple is designed to give you maximum freedom of movement and feeding positions. This extremely adaptable attachment allows feeding from any position or side with less travel time, increasing efficiency.

Morbark Knives

Morbark Knives: High Performance. Higher Value.

Morbark knives give you:

  • Morbark Durability
  • Improved Quality
  • Better Value
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