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Municipal Buying Programs

How government, educational, and nonprofit entities can leverage cooperative buying
Do you want to purchase Morbark, Rayco, Denis Cimaf, or Boxer equipment on behalf of a governmental, educational or nonprofit entity in the U.S. or Canada? Or part of a Native American tribe, charter school, or public or private educational institution in need of new commercial construction equipment? Consider using Sourcewell to satisfy and simplify the bidding process.

How to get started with a Membership
Sourcewell is free to qualifying government, educational, and nonprofit entities. Visit their website for more information. Go to https://sourcewell-mn.gov If you’re already a member of Sourcewell, contact Morbark to discuss how you can leverage Sourcewell when purchasing new Morbark machines.

As a public sector or nonprofit employee or contractor, you know how time-consuming and complicated bidding processes can be. Sourcewell helps simplify that process and provides your entity with competitive bids on new equipment purchases. If you’re involved in making purchases for the government on the local, county, state, regional or national level, or part of a qualifying nonprofit entity, Sourcewell satisfies the bid process.

What is Sourcewell?
Sourcewell is a governmental unit committed to providing cooperative solutions for governmental, educational, and nonprofit entities. Sourcewell offers a variety of cooperative programs and services for its members on a local, regional, state or province-wide, and national scale in the United States and Canada.

Sourcewell establishes and provides nationally-leveraged, competitively solicited purchasing contracts under the guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law. In addition, joint Powers laws enable Sourcewell members to legally purchase through Sourcewell awarded contracts, like those awarded by Sourcewell to Morbark, under Sourcewell contract number 031721-MBI for Tree Care and Compact Utility Equipment, or 050119-MBI for Recycling and Waste Reduction Equipment.

Use Sourcewell to help simplify, satisfy the bidding process
Whether you refer to it as cooperative buying or cooperative purchasing, Sourcewell satisfies the bid process. As member of Sourcewell, you can take advantage of Sourcewell bids on new equipment purchases, like those of high-quality Vermeer industrial construction equipment.

Visit the Sourcewell website: www.sourcewell-mn.gov and click on “Become a Member” or Contact our Government Sales Representative, Erika Snyder, toll-free at (800) 831-0042, ext. 1500, fax: (989) 866-2280, or via e-mail: erika.snyder@morbark.com

Government Financing Program
If budget is ever a concern when making your Morbark purchase, you can now take advantage of a new government financing program through National Cooperative Leasing (NCL). NCL is the only Sourcewell awarded contract vendor offering government financing programs to the cooperative membership.

Cooperative Purchasing Programs
Cooperative purchasing allows state and local governments to purchase items without having to go through the bid process, providing an easy way to buy equipment at a reduced cost. Cooperative purchasing services (often called Buy Boards) make the governmental procurement process more efficient by establishing competitively priced contracts, while still offering the flexibility to tailor the machine to the specification required by the municipality.

Morbark is currently a member of: HGACBuy / Houston Galveston Area Council

For More Information
For more information about government contracts and municipal purchasing, please contact:

Erika Snyder
Government Support Representative
Phone: 800.831.0042, ext. 1500 Fax: 989.866.2280