School to Work Opportunities

Morbark created its school to work program, HIRE Education, in an effort to address the need to continue to attract and retain a quality, motivated workforce. According to Michigan Manufacturing Association, manufacturing companies are the backbone of Michigan’s communities and our state’s manufacturing industry. About 96 percent of manufacturing companies employ fewer than 500 employees and 68 percent employ fewer than 20 workers.

In order for manufacturing to continue to flourish in Michigan we must address the hard facts that much of Michigan’s manufacturing workforce consists of baby boomers nearing retirement age. A survey of manufacturers nationwide found that as many as 600,000 jobs are currently going unfilled. Recognizing that unfilled market need means that there is an opportunity for young adults in our communities to experience career development, training, growth and advancement in manufacturing.

Morbark is working hard to help area high school seniors and college graduates find school to work opportunities in engineering, production, human resources, sales, marketing, customer service and accounting. We encourage you to download our HIRE Education brochure to examine the paths that someone can travel at Morbark.