Tree Care

At Morbark, we are concentrated in the tree care and arboriculture markets, working to provide products and services that create opportunities for large and small tree services, private land owners, rental businesses, government agencies, and many more.

Arboriculture is a distinct industry that provides services to manage the health, care and maintenance, and problems associated with trees.  Services in the arboriculture industry include:

  • Arborscape Design
  • Planting of Trees
  • Monitoring Tree Health
  • Disease Control
  • Maintenance and Management of Tree Hazards
  • Clean-up and Removal of Storm Damaged Trees and Limbs
  • Complete Removal of Trees Including the Stumps

Branches fall out of trees, trees fall, unsightly stumps create problems, trees grow in unwanted spaces, and trees become hazards to people, their homes, and their utility infrastructure. When they do, the problem is born and a need arises for their removal.  Like the hard-working people in this industry, Morbark understands that when Mother Nature leaves unwanted materials, there is also value in their removal.  At Morbark, we want to create opportunities for you to capture every bit of that value, safely and efficiently.

Morbark’s participation in the industry is centered on a subset of the arboriculture market, specifically, the removal and disposal of trees, stumps, and felled branches which for a variety of reasons have become a problem.  The solution we offer to the marketplace is chipping and grinding the unwanted tree debris to reduce its volume.  Morbark equipment reduces the volume of the waste wood to reduce transportation costs and to impart value to the wood as a recycled product such as ground-cover chips, boiler fuel, compost additive, and much more.

We have been innovating and manufacturing, safe, long lasting, and durable, high-performance equipment for more than 50 years, and we would love to build one to meet your needs.

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