2355 Flail Chiparvestor

With a unique spreader infeed system to separate multiple stems, ultrasonically tested plate steel chipper disc, and hydrostatic controls, the Model 2355 is fully loaded and ready for action. Delivering up to 1,050 horsepower with a fuel capacity of 500 gallons, this machine produces high-quality chips from a variety of timber. Customizable options include remote control, dual engines, discharge spout extension and more. The cab offers the operator a six-way adjustable seat, joy stick controls, combination air conditioner/heater and emergency shut-down system, making operating the 2355 safe and comfortable.

2355 Flail Hydrostatic Controls

Hydrostatic Controls

Flail drive is a closed loop hydraulic design with separate hydraulic systems to operate each flail drum. Each system is complete with electric tach and controls in operator’s cab

2355 Flail Spreader Infeed

Spreader Infeed

This unique infeed system spreads multiple stems apart, which assists with more complete bark removal.

Chipper Disc

Chipper Disc

Each disc is fabricated from plate steel and put through ultrasonic testing. Material certification is issued for each disc, which provides the best chipper disc in the industry.

Chip Quality

Units produce quality chips even in non-merchantable and juvenile timber.


Length: 54’3″
Height: 13’8″
Width: 11’11”
Gross weight: 115,200 lbs.

Engine: CAT or Cummins
Horsepower: Up to 1,050

Tri-axle trailer: 75,000 lb. suspension

Drive (flail): hydraulic
Drive (chipper): belt

Fuel capacity (tank): 500 gallons
Hydraulic oil capacity (flail): 200 gallons
Hydraulic oil capacity (feed system and loader): 300 gallons

Brakes: air

Cab and Loader

Cab offers operator a deluxe 6-way adjustable seat, joy stick controls, combination air conditioner/heater, and emergency shut-down system. Along with complete engine gauge panel for both power units located in cab. Hydraulic tilt-down cab for transport. Morbark 500 knuckleboom loader, 23’ reach, 270º swing and 360º continuous rotation grapple. Lift capacity of 17,200 lb. at 10’


Infeed opening 23” x 55”

Three top feed rollers mounted on yoke assemblies

Five stationary bottom feed rollers

Dual horizontal chain flails with patented segmented drums are equipped with eight flail chain rods.

Discharge system consisting of 60-1/2” wide x 23’ long telescoping drag chain conveyor with hydraulic drive.

Air curtain


75” diameter chipper disc with three or four knife configuration.

Built-in dirt separator, debris is bottom discharged into dual 12” diameter twig augers which discharge directly into the 23’ refuse drag chain.

Hydraulic swivel/telescoping discharge spout.


  • Three- or four-knife chipper disc
  • Third flail drum
  • Discharge spout extension
  • ESPAR heating system for cold weather start
  • Dual engines
  • Reversing fan
  • 11-HP air compressor
  • Electric power option
  • Halogen light package
  • Remote control
  • Discharge spout extension to load open top vans or rail cars
Specifications may vary with equipment options.
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