Beginning flail production in 1990, Morbark now offers a full line of flails in several different sizes and configurations, including two, three, or four flail drums; one or two engines; cab and loader or no cab and loader; portable or stationary; stand alone or combination unit; diesel or electric powered. Along with these choices there is a wide variety of available options, allowing you to customize the perfect Morbark flail for your needs.

All models are highly productive, aggressive, and engineered to give you the power and features needed for maximizing output and enhancing your profitability. They are extremely durable and are known for their high resale value.

Morbark flails are designed to provide unmatched flexibility in controlling individual flail drum speeds, RPM, and feed rate while meeting the challenges of varying timber, climate, and conditions. These machines allow the user to produce high-quality chips even from non-merchantable or juvenile timber.

Whether you are producing highly uniform clean chips for pellet fuels or clean chips to meet the tight specifications of the pulp and paper industry, we will help you configure the right machine for your application. These are just some of the reasons why Morbark is the largest and most respected name in flails and whole tree chipping.

223 Stand-Alone Flail | 2355 Flail Chiparvestor | 2455 Stand-Alone Flail | 2755 Flail Chiparvestor

223 Stand-Alone Flail

223 Stand-Alone Flail

Easy to transport, the Morbark 223 Flail is efficient and robust for in-woods chipping applications. The 223 is designed to work in conjunction with chippers like the Morbark 23 Chiparvestor®, the 40/36 Whole Tree Drum Chipper or similar machines. With a large 56” x 23” infeed opening, the 223 Flail accepts logs up to 23” in diameter at a feed rate from 70-150 feet per minute. The Morbark Integrated Control System allows for fine adjustment of feed rate and flail drum speed so that bark removal is maximized and removal of “good” fiber is minimized for superior end products.

2355 Flail Chiparvestor

2355 Flail Chiparvestor

With a unique spreader infeed system to separate multiple stems, ultrasonically tested plate steel chipper disc, and hydrostatic controls, the Model 2355 is fully loaded and ready for action. Delivering up to 1,050 horsepower with a fuel capacity of 500 gallons, this machine produces high-quality chips from a variety of timber. Customizable options include remote control, dual engines, discharge spout extension and more. The cab offers the operator a six-way adjustable seat, joy stick controls, combination air conditioner/heater and emergency shut-down system, making operating the 2355 safe and comfortable.

Morbark 2455 Flail

2455 Stand-Alone Flail

Whether used alone or in combination with a Morbark whole tree chipper to create a total fiber utilization system, the 2455 Stand-Alone Flail is built for maximized output. With three top feed rollers mounted on yoke assemblies, two stationary bottom feed rollers, and a bark discharge conveyor that folds for transport, this machine has many features perfect for whole tree chipping. The enclosed weatherized operator’s cab and color-tinted safety glass helps protect the operator.

2755 Flail Chiparvestor

2755 Flail Chiparvestor

Offering three-, four- or six-knife chipper disc options, the 2755 is ideal for some of your toughest jobs. A 27″ diameter chipping capacity and lift capacity of 17,200 lbs. at 10′ make the 2755 one of the toughest machines for any job. Customizable options include ESPAR heating system for cold weather starts, discharge spout extension to load open vans or rail cars, debris plow in lieu of telescoping conveyor, and remote control.

Morbark Knives

Morbark Knives: High Performance. Higher Value.

Morbark knives give you:

  • Morbark Durability
  • Improved Quality
  • Better Value
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